Hunting in Africa

Hunting in Africa has been a family tradition for millenia. african hunting safari provide an experience that is more than just the pursuit of a trophy animal. The opportunity to view an incredible variety of species is also included in a typical safari package. These experiences are often much more affordable than a hunt for the classic Big Four.

Affordable Excursions: Cheap African Hunting Safari Packages

In recent years, hunters have started to refer to the “Dangerous Seven,” a list that includes the classic Big Four plus two animals that definitely merit the name. In addition to the iconic African elephant and cape buffalo, these include hippopotamus and crocodile. Hunters have the option of pursuing these dangerous predators with a clear conscience, knowing that a legal hunt saves far more animals from poaching than will be killed during the hunt.

The best time of year for a safari to take place in southern Africa is late in the season, typically August or September. At this point, most deciduous trees drop their leaves, opening up better visibility and concentrating game around remaining water sources.

The African impala is one of the most common and popular game to pursue, an attractive and tough herd animal. The stately gemsbok, with its masked face and spear-like horns, is another common African antelope that hunters like to target. The klipspringer is an attractive little antelope that is found in rocky or mountainous areas. It is often pursued opportunistically while hunting for other game or for predators.