Are Online Prescriptions Safe?

Getting your prescriptions refilled or new medications recepta is more convenient and safer than visiting a doctor in person. With innovations in the telehealth and telemedicine industry, virtual doctors are able to diagnose your symptoms quickly and prescribe medication if it is appropriate. They can then e-prescribe your medicine to your local pharmacy for you to pick up. This saves you the trip to a physical office and reduces the burden on busy physicians.

Harnessing Technology: Streamlining Online Prescription Processes

However, some patients are still concerned about the safety of online prescriptions. They may worry that the e-prescriptions are not written by real doctors and that they are illegal. These concerns stem from a lack of transparency on the part of some websites that sell drugs, and they may not follow proper medical procedures and laws.

A legitimate telehealth doctor will ask for your health history and current prescriptions, and they can then determine whether or not the drug you are seeking is safe for you to take, Parker says. Most telehealth providers also offer a one-time consultation to make sure that the medication is appropriate and effective for your condition, and they can also review existing medications.

Many telehealth providers partner with pharmacies to process your prescriptions, and others can recommend mail-order services or a pharmacy that accepts your insurance. Most private health insurers cover telemedicine visits and some Medicare plans now reimburse for them, too. Check with your insurance provider before you schedule a visit to see if you are eligible.