The Jaguar E Type

jaguar e type

The jaguar e type was a car that epitomised the ‘swinging ’60s. It was a car that could be seen around the motor racing paddocks, being driven by young motor racing personalities, and was also the vehicle of choice for many British pop stars abroad.

Despite the popularity of the e type it is important to remember that it was not always the optimum choice for racing. For this reason Jaguar developed the Lightweight E-type, a car that weighed less than 1,000kg and was more powerful than its standard production equivalent.

As well as the new lightweight bodyshell, the car also featured a more powerful 3.8-litre straight six engine and a focus on handling to make it more suitable for competition. An initial batch of 12 Lightweight E-types were produced before plans were put in place for an additional 18 cars.

The Jaguar E-Type: An Iconic Classic Car

The e type was not only a great car to drive it was also a superb example of how a British company can turn an old concept into a successful and profitable model. It was the first Jaguar sports car to be made at Browns Lane, and it was a vehicle that brought together all of Jaguar’s expertise.

It was a car that was designed with performance in mind, but it was a car that had to work hard to achieve this. The e type is not an easy car to drive and it does require a fair amount of effort from the driver to keep it on track.