Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Bad Weather

Your outdoor furniture is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and if left unprotected, it can start to look worn out, old and dingy. There are some very simple and effective ways of cleaning your outdoor furniture so that you can prolong the life of your outdoor pieces. Follow these easy maintenance tips and protect your outdoor furniture from nasty bugs, mildews, and other harmful elements.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Bad Weather Your Way To Success

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Wash and dry your outdoor furniture winter carefully using only a soft towel and rinse them off thoroughly with a mild detergent solution. You should never use a harsh detergent as this will damage the finish on your metal furniture. If you own plastic or vinyl cushions, you might not necessarily need to remove all the covers, but you will definitely want to clean them down with a soft microfiber towel slightly dampened with a little dishwashing liquid.

You should always store your wood furniture in a dry and cool place during the winter months. Avoid placing your outdoor furniture storage space near a fire, where it might catch on fire. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or using it as a table or bench when exposed to direct sun. Keep the wooden items out of the direct path of birds and animals, particularly cats, as these animals can chew on wood.