Maths Playground

Maths playground is a fun games site with a wide selection of free games to entertain kids while learning about numbers, multiplication, shapes and more. Its games look and feel like entertainment titles while building in practice and learning for pre-K to grade 6 students. The games are also aligned with Common Core standards and can be used to supplement a classroom learning program.

The game collection is arranged by topic, which helps teachers sift through the offerings to find the games that match their curricular goals. The site also provides a link to Google Classroom so teachers can easily assign games for homework. However, the site lacks a teacher dashboard or performance tracking tools and the games don’t adapt to a student’s answer choices or skill level.

Children respond to visual forms of learning in a way that they may not engage with traditional classroom teaching. This is why educational playground markings can be a great tool to promote the learning of mathematics. Playground markings provide a unique and interactive space to teach children about basic maths concepts, as well as encouraging them to self-teach and use the information they have learned in other contexts.

Designing Dynamic Spaces: The Art of Multi-Level Modular Staging

Games can include counting the number of swings or adding together the number of Xs and Os on a tic-tac-toe board. They can also learn about numbers by spinning a wheel of number increments, or try their hand at solving multiplication equations. They can even practice dividing numbers by using a calculator or calculating the cost of candy in a jar.