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Looking for interior designers? Here are a few UK-based companies to choose from. These designers focus on designing interiors based on their clients’ needs and tastes. Each has its own style and aesthetic, and works closely with their clients to come up with a truly personalised design solution. Some firms also specialise in particular types of interior design, such as residential or commercial. In addition to creating bespoke interiors, these companies also offer a range of design services such as art-curation and landscaping. Find out more

The Pair Have Won Numerous Awards For Their Work

Top 10 UK interior design studios: There are many highly-regarded interior designers in the UK. Some have international reputations and are considered industry leaders. These firms have an impressive portfolio of projects and clients. They can inspire any size project, whether it’s a large apartment or a one-bedroom flat. To learn more, check out their websites! They’ll also give you some inspiration for your next project.

Top Interior Designers – Choose From These UK Companies. What Are the Qualifications For Interior Designers? The Office of National Statistics (ONS) publishes statistics on the labour force and the number of people working in the sector. It publishes data grouped by industry size and occupation. Designers’ occupations are listed in Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes. For example, designers of product, clothing, and related goods fall under SOC code 3422. Graphic designers, however, have their own SOC code. Nevertheless, the numbers do not indicate the number of interior designers in the UK.