How to Repair Holes in Concrete

Almost all concrete structures suffer some type of damage that requires repair. Although cracks and honeycombing are readily apparent, determining the cause of those problems and establishing an acceptable remedial action are more challenging. Generally, the structural integrity of the structure is the main concern.Learn

Holes in Concrete

Whether caused by corrosion or cracking, holes are problematic as they may compromise the structural integrity of the slab. Some holes can be repaired using cement patching material, while others require a more permanent solution such as epoxy putty or steel mesh reinforcement.

It is important that all loose and crumbling concrete be removed prior to application of any repair materials. This is accomplished by hammering and chiseling to ensure that the underlying concrete is sound and there are no weak areas that could debond to the new materials as they are cured. A pressure washer can be used to assist in this effort, but the surface should be completely dry before applying the repair products.

The best repair materials will have low shrinkage and be compatible with the existing concrete, allowing for good bonding. UNIQUE offers a range of repair materials that have been designed to meet these needs.

It is also important to work with a concrete supplier that has experience and expertise in the area of concrete repair. Those experts will be able to provide valuable information regarding the proper use of repair products, including their strengths, adhesion, shrinkage and color, and how they can be best applied to specific situations.