How to Choose the Best Bib for Your Kid

Bib baby are an essential part of your baby’s wardrobe from the moment they’re born and will be used for feedings, drool and teething all through their first year. They’re also useful for craft time since they’ll protect your little one’s Sunday best from dripping paint and messy finger food.

How to Choose the Best Bib for Your Kid

When it comes to bibs, you’ll want to choose fabrics that are soft, comfortable and easy to clean. The bibs you pick should also be breathable so your baby doesn’t get too hot and the fabric should have a good absorbency capacity to soak up liquids.

The bib you choose should also be sized appropriately for your child’s age and stage. Generally, newborns can handle a newborn bib, while toddlers will need large feeding bibs.

Bib Baby: Everything You Need to Know About Bibs for Your Little One

Bibs are a common item in any new parent’s closet, so we gathered some of the best baby bibs on the market. After reading reviews and consulting with childcare professionals, we narrowed down our contenders to five that offer the best protection from stains, wipe clean easily after meals, are durable enough to last through multiple uses and are designed to suit your child’s stage of development.

Our top pick is the Happy Healthy Parent, a BPA-free silicone bib that’s easy to put on and secure with an adjustable neck band. It’s also super waterproof and made of a material that catches drool, spills, and food particles rather than getting on the clothes.