Fortnite Cheats – Teenager Sued For Selling Fortnite Cheats

fortnite cheatsto the battle royale genre, few games have been as successful as fortnite. Epic’s free-to-play, dynamically accessible, colourful and attractive game has made a huge splash in the industry and has become the biggest player in its field. But even though it pioneered the genre and is arguably the best in its category, it still attracts cheaters who try to gain an unfair advantage over the competition.

It’s no secret that fortnite cheats has some pretty serious anti-cheat measures in place. For example, it can ban players who try to use aimbots and other similar software that helps them get ahead of the competition. It can also kick people off their servers if it suspects that they’re using hacking tools. In addition, it has multiple layers of anti-cheat technology that include EasyAntiCheat and Battle Eye.

But it’s not enough for some cheaters, especially the ones who want to make money by cheating. One such player, a 14-year-old named Takened, was recently slapped with a lawsuit from Epic for selling and advertising his cheat software on YouTube.

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In the complaint, the company claims that the teenager violated the terms of service for its game and “ruined the game playing experience of others who do not cheat.” The company is seeking to force the cheater to pay damages and shut down his shady business of selling in-game cheats and account hacks. It’s a good sign that Epic is willing to take its stance on cheaters seriously when it feels they’re doing real damage to the game.