The Rotovac Sheardry Upholstery Tool

rotovac sheardry upholstery tool

The rotovac sheardry upholstery tool is one of those nearly perfect tools that come along every now and again in the cleaning industry. It is lightweight so you can use it all day without hurting your wrist and the plastic head is fiberglass enforced to prevent snags that can happen with metal heads. It has two valves, one that the user sets and the other on the head that closes when the tool is not in use. This eliminates drips and wasted solution. The body is constructed from super strong, light weight fiberglass reinforced composite.

Revolutionize Your Upholstery Cleaning with the Rotovac Sheardry Tool

This upholstery tool features a dual direction spray bar centred between 2 x vacuum slots that shears the flow of solution and allows the operator to clean forward or backward with no overspray or dripping. Its unique design also captures all heat and solution within the head for the most efficient and effective cleaning possible.