The Edgar Cut

edgar cut

The edgar cut is a popular haircut for men. It has a jagged fringe that sticks out in a diagonal line. This is a great style for all hair types. However, it is especially great for thick hair.

There are two main ways to get the Edgar cut. First, you can opt for a clean cut that is trimmed bluntly. You can also go for a more messy look. Both are popular with many people.

While the clean-lined version is more appropriate for professional situations, the messy version is more suitable for casual wearers. Scruffing the hair adds volume and texture. Adding spikes to the edger makes the final haircut more edgy.

Another way to get the Edgar cut is by using a taper buzz. This is a type of fade that is more tapered at the front. Although the sides of the hair remain short, they are less pronounced than in the classic Edgar.

Timeless Men’s Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style

The Edgar cut is a popular hairstyle for all types of hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, you may want to consider getting the Edgar cut. Alternatively, you can try the mid-fade version.

Like the classic Edgar, the mid-fade version combines straight fringe with textured angles. Using hair gel or pomade to achieve the wavy look can help you pull off this style.

The Edgar cut is a great option for anyone who wants a fashionable and trendy look. While it isn’t for everyone, it’s an eye-catching style that can work with just about any haircut.