Peanut Butter Breath Seeds

Peanut Butter Breath seeds deliver a dreamy, buzzing tingle that will soothe your worries and calm your mind. This Hybrid weed strain crosses DoSiDos and Mendo Breath f2 (Studly Spewright), delivering high THC levels with a complex terpene profile of nutty, herbal, earthy, and fruity flavors.

Its parentage and flavor profiles have made this cultivar a hit with consumers who love to relax with friends at the end of the day, or even kick back before bed for some restful sleep. Peanut Butter Breath’s calming effects make it an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients struggling with insomnia and other sleeping issues.

Peanut Butter Breath Seeds: Delight Your Senses with this Nutty Strain

This feminized strain thrives indoors and outdoors, but its growing conditions should be carefully controlled to ensure optimal results. Its flowering period lasts 8-10 weeks and produces dense, golf ball-sized buds that can take on a wide array of hues depending on the phenotype.

When grown indoors, this plant grows to a height of around 7 to 10 feet. Outdoors, growers can expect plants to reach a height of 6 to 8 feet.

Start your Peanut Butter Breath seeds indoors in a nutrient-rich growing medium, or germinate them in a damp paper towel for 24-48 hours before transplanting to a well-moistened growing container with light soil once they’ve sprouted and established their taproots. Outdoors, growers can sow these seeds in April for a mid-October harvest. Healthy plants produce yields of up to 18 ounces or more per square foot, but yields can vary based on climate and overall care.