Ports of Call



11 thoughts on “Ports of Call

  1. I wonder if all the slots are filled for readers? I would love to volunteer to read. Since I first heard of the marathon reading they do at the Mystic Seaport Museum I have always wanted to pitch in on a reading of Moby Dick, a book we all love. I have done volunteer reading on Librivox and I’m very salty for a landlubber, I volunteer at the South Street Seaport museum and am a nautical nerd- I will not mispronounce words like Baotswain for example!

  2. Sure why not a website devoted to Whales and Wiener Dogs? Lots of whale stuff on this website, not much Wiener Dog though: http://whalesandwienerdogs.com/blog1/tag/whale-related-art/

  3. [...] Meanwhile, for the more literary types, there is a three-day, all-star reading of the entirety of Moby Dick that will be bouncing between Brooklyn bookstores and the Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo (the reading honors anniversary of the tome’s publication). Just a few of the more than 100 readers include Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Sarah Vowell, Rick Moody, Jonathan Ames,Lev Grossman, and Adam Wilson. One thing is for sure: While it probably won’t be as good as Gatz this definitely will be more entertaining than buying the audio book (times, locations and readers here). [...]

  4. j says:

    What about Ahab’s Wife?

  5. jerinnow says:

    :) What about including readings of the book, also?

  6. jerinnow says:

    P.S. Thanks for organizing.

  7. [...] New York City of Herman Melville’s American classic, Moby-Dick, Or, the Whale. All weekend. Check listing for locations and times. [...]

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