Choosing a Haircut For Men

haircut for men

When it comes to choosing a haircut for men, there are a variety of styles to choose from. These can range from military to business, athletic, and hipster. Regardless of your style, you can find a cut that matches your personality.

One of the most popular styles for men is the undercut. This is a hairstyle where the top and sides are short, but the back is kept long. This cut creates a stiff transition from the shorter to the longer sections of your hair. It is a great look for guys with oval face shapes.

A buzz cut is another popular hairstyle for men. It is a clean, low maintenance haircut. There is no need to visit a hair salon to get it done. You can achieve a buzz cut with clippers set to one length.

The Buzz Cut: A Haircut for Men with a Square Face

Another haircut for men is the quiff. This hairstyle is a combination of the pompadour and the mohawk. The hair is longer on top and the sides are short. If you want to create this look, you can brush your hair forward and then brush it backward.

Flow is a haircut for men that emphasizes movement. This haircut also accentuates volume. Using a gel or wax will help you control wavy hair.

For a more rugged look, consider the faux hawk. This haircut requires trimming the sides to a short length and styling the top to create a ridge in the center of your head.